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"Craig Stoddart is a very gifted and imaginative bassist, as well as being an extremely supportive and empathetic musician. Constantly striving to challenge his musical abilities, he has an exceptional sense of groove and harmony which make him a valuable addition to any band. It’s been brilliant working with him on both covers and original music." 

"I’ve had the pleasure of working with Craig on numerous projects over the years. In both studio and live environments Craig has proven to be a versatile and creative performer who always serves the song. Incredible musical ability on both the bass and saxophone aside, I would highly recommend Craig based on his work ethic, punctuality and banter."

"Craig is both a valuable addition to any live band as well as a reliable Player to have in the studio. His professional attitude, appreciation and understanding of a multitude of musical genres give him the ability to always serve the song and make him a great choice for any musical project."